Hurricane Season is Around the Corner

Once a tropical storm comes into the gulf, insurance companies stop binding coverage on all properties, including autos. Here are some tips to help you out! 

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  • Make a list of all phone numbers, websites, and emails of the insurance companies that you deal with. Make a list of your policy numbers and what they insure. Don’t depend on your local agent. It is more than likely that his office will be damaged or closed or if he is open, he will be understaffed if some of his employees have damage to their homes. 


  • Take pictures of your home from various angles. Take pictures of each room in the house and pay special attention to expensive items or electronics. Take pictures of your vehicles if they will be outside.  Upload to your cloud service or email them to yourself before the storm hits. 


  • Do all the other things that are recommended i.e. water and food reserves, generators, medicines, gasoline etc.

  • After the hurricane take pictures again, if possible, of all damage and before cleanup and again save online. Start cleanup and make necessary repairs to avoid further damage.


  • Communicate with your insurance company as soon as possible regarding any damage. 


  • Do NOT talk with any “contractor” or “adjuster” that does not have a proper ID representing your company.  Most adjusters will call you before they go.  Do NOT sign anything. If your agent is up and running, call him for help or advice. 

  • Be patient and reasonable.  Most adjusters do care about your claim and will try to make the process as easy as possible.  If you run into one of those adjusters that are just working for a paycheck and he is not giving you the service you need you have the right to request a different adjuster. 


  • Exhaust every possible avenue of communication, compromise and agreement before you go to a lawyer.  Four years after the 2012 hailstorms, many people still have not received any money whatsoever because their lawyers are refusing to settle.  Many people have received half of what they would have received if they had not gone to a lawyer. 


  • Remember all policies have deductibles.  Review what your deductible is for hail, hurricane and windstorm so you can be prepared.  Any repairs you pay for or anything you buy to protect your property from further damage can be applied to your deductible.  Save your receipts.

Don't forget to plan for your furry friends too! Click on the picture to help you plan with your pet in mind. 

Click on the picture to visit American Red Cross' Hurricane Preparedness website.